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Date Night

It started about two monts ago….

So about two months ago I met this guy named Reid. He moved here from LA about a year ago so he could go to school. We have been friend’s since two months ago. Tonight we are going on a date. YES I SAID IT! :S. See I haven’t really been on a date with a guy. Like I have has a few Boy friends but never really went on a date! I’m Excited but nervous. Its not like I don’t know him already so there should be no rezone to be nervous! It should be good though!

So I’m taking him out for dinner….SO typical! So i thought we could to something blood rushing! AND SOMEWHAT DANGEROUSE!

So after dinner Indoor go-Karting! they go about 70k. I’ve done it before! But I have no clue what he will think! LOL!

Ill post tonight b4 I go to bed to let you guys know how it was!! Cross your fingerer!

-Hatters are my motivators!-


chronicle Out Feb 3rd!

I do acting and some modeling. My agent called me to be in the movie! Look For me Let me know how u guys like it!

Me and My Dog! :)

Me and My Dog! :)

Ideal date?

If you could choose the date of your dreams where would if be and with who?

My Kind Of Fun!

My Kind Of Fun!

My Game Plan!

My top five things to do today!

1)      Do some cleaning around the house

2)      Go to the gym

3)      Make a good lunch

4)      Take dog to the vet

5)      Go see a special some one in van :D

Sounds like a good day off to me!

Always being blasted in my car! People look at me wired but there just think damn! LOL JK! I’m not the self centered!

I like!

briandez said: Thanks for following...checked out your page & I DIED when I saw that picture of the Nimbus "parked" hahaha I just had to follow you now :D

LOL thanks man! like ur page too! So great!